Things to


*If you are disconnected from SkyLab, your connection will be reset after 1 minute.


*If you are actively using SkyLab, you will not be automatically disconnected, however, you will be disconnected after 8 hours of inactivity.


*Some locally connected devices such as inkjet printers and scanners are not supported


*If you log out of SkyLab and/or have problems reconnecting wait 1 minute, then try again.

*Copy and paste only works from Windows via the SkyLab One connection.


*The older remote desktop clients, Remote Desktop Connection, etc. are supported.  Enter for the server name.


*Most RDP clients (apps) for iOS and Android are supported, however they MUST support Windows Server--some do not.  Enter for the server name.


*Windows support is Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and IE 9 or later.

*Always save data to your Y: Drive.  Avoid saving documents to your SkyLab desktop.


*Prompts to update Java or Adobe products can be ignored.  This is a limitation of the software.


*Errors about a "temporary profile" can usually be ignored.  Either log out, wait 1 minute, then try again OR make sure to save to your Y: drive.


*The login process can take up to 120 seconds to build your desktop and log you in to the server.



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